Build Your Web Presence

Websites are relevant to all three main stages of the marketing funnel: awareness, consideration, and action. This is why the web is at the center of every marketing strategy. To embrace the power of the web effectively, the marketing message must be implemented properly into your website. Through Captured Living's design process, your marketing strategy launches onto the web with two main focuses in mind. First, your webpage must have visitors. We drive viewers to your page by practicing efficient search-engine optimization (SEO) coding techniques. This allows every search engine to easily read your webpage driving your website up its ranking system. We offer this service at no cost to all of our website clients. The second focus is to convert these visitors into leads and customers. We tackle this challenge by equipping your website with an appealing design, captivating content, and responsive usability.

Captured Living's thorough, proven web design process delivers engaging websites. Our method begins with us listening to you, the client. We capture all the project requirements, from the goals and key audiences, to the features and the brand attributes. The collected information is then taken and implemented into a visual design. The visual design provides our clients with the look and feel of the website allowing any desired changes to be made at this step. Once a design is approved, development of the website begins. Captured Living completes a pre-launch checklist to ensure every component is fully functional. Once tested, your new website is LIVE!

Our Web Development Process