An internship is a great way for students to gain hands-on experience were they can implement what they have learned in the classroom and also gain exposure to the things that cannot be taught in a classroom. Captured Living is devoted to providing this experience to college students. In order to intern with Captured Living, you must be receiving college credit for your time. We welcome you to contact us via email to inquire about open internships; please include your resume and cover letter detailing why you are a good fit for Captured Living.


Captured Living believes in giving back to the community that continues to support its ventures. We have provided sponsorships to a number of organizations, and we wish to continue to do so. Captured Living's sponsorship packages are based on the services we offer. Please contact us via email and detail why your organization is in need of Captured Living's support.

Community Events

Currently, we are not scheduled to participating in any community events. Please check back frequently for updates, thank you.